Anne Louise Brillon de Jouy

Painting of a woman.

Anne-Louise Boyvin d'Hardancourt Brillon de Jouy was a classical-era composer and saloniste in the outskirts of Paris. She wrote a multitude of works ranging from romances to piano and harpsichord duets. Because of the constraints of the time, she never performed publically despite her skill as both a composer and keyboardist. However, her salon parties were a popular social gathering for elite musicians and political figures at the time and many of them documented her abilities in letters and journals. Her known manuscripts lie in America, France and Switzerland.

I am currently preparing the first edition of her complete songs, which she called "romances," "cansonettes," "pastourelles," and "marches." Though not closely aligned with our modern concept of "Art Songs," these pieces represent a part of music history that is often neglected: a type of "popular music" kept separate from concert music long before the divide of the 20th century. Please check back for updates along the way!

May 10 - I have completed the first full draft, which includes engraving and translations, and submitted publication proposals.